Sound Tightness Test Checklist

Please check and ensure the following where possible before requesting a Sound Tightness Test:

  • A 240 Volt power supply must be available within the building.
  • No trades should be working in the building during the test.
  • No noisy operations/work being carried out in the vicinity.
  • Access to adjoining buildings is required.
  • Tested areas must be clean and tidy.
  • All walls, floors and ceilings must be completed.
  • All windows and external doors must be fitted, glazed and closed.
  • All internal doors must be fitted.
  • Skirting, wall sockets and switches must be fitted.
  • All trickle vents and ventilation systems must be installed and closed.
  • When testing separated floors for Impact Transmission, no cosmetic floor coverings should be fitted.

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Air Pressure Test Checklist

Pre Air Tightness Test Checklist

  • Ensure the building envelope is complete. All glazing, external doors and cladding to be complete.
  • Light fixtures to be fitted.
  • All sockets to be fitted.
  • Any penetrations made through the external envelope to be sealed.
  • Any loft/storage doors, hatches, to be finished and in place with a draft excluder.
  • SVP and any waste pipes passing through the external walls and ceilings to be sealed.
  • If applicable all boxing in housing a soil pipe, to be sealed if exiting through the ceiling or external wall.
  • Plumbing installed and all traps to have water in.
  • Skirting board to be in fixed and sealed top and bottom.
  • If you have a chimney please make sure this has already been sealed prior to our visit, everything else we seal, including extractor fans and trickle vents.
  • All temporary sealing and wedging open of internal doors is to be undertaken by the client prior to the test team arriving. This is to include all external roller shutter doors
  • The client is responsible for providing 240 volt power with 13 amp sockets.
  • The client is responsible for all forms of access to height e.g. steps, scaffold, scissor lifts.
  • In the event of a test fail all remedial work required is to be carried out by the client.
  • The client must provide adequate dimensioned floor plans and sections, so that envelope area calculations can be done prior to our arrival on site.

It is the client’s responsibility to confirm, reschedule or cancel any air test date with adequate notice or charges will apply.

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ACD’s (Accredited Construction Details) Checklist

Please click on the link for the details, these details will direct you to the planning portal.


Steel frame details

Steel Frame Illustrations


Timber frame details

Timber Frame Illustrations


Masonry Cavity wall details

Masonry Cavity Wall Insulation Illustrations


Masonry External Wall details

Masonry External Wall Insulation Illustrations