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Fully accredited Sound Insulation Testing and Consultancy to comply with Building Regulations

Sound insulation and robust building practices provide resistance to the passage of airborne and impact sound. Sound testing is a method of quantifying how the fabric of a building resists the passage of sound.

Why do I need a Sound Insulation Test?

Building regulations require a minimum performance for Sound Insulation between adjacent spaces, for the purpose of providing reasonable living conditions for occupants.

Both residential and non-residential buildings, where Sound Insulation performance needs to be demonstrated, require testing. Applicable regulations can be found in Document E 2003 for England and Wales.

We believe in making things easier for our clients by providing a cost effective ‘one stop shop’ for building compliance.

Our in-house team are accredited to all relevant governing bodies and audited regularly for quality assurance.

Our approach is to provide an excellent customer experience through efficiency, reliability, knowledge and professionalism.

Sound Insulation Test Procedure

How our sound testing process works

1. Airborne Test

A controlled noise using a range of frequencies is generated by an amplifier and loudspeaker on one side of a separating wall or floor. Noise levels are then measured and recorded on both sides of the separating wall or floor. The level of controlled noise transmitted between the source room and the receiving room is then calculated.

2. Impact Sound Transmission Test

A calibrated tapping machine is used to simulate footfall on the floor. The generated noise is measured in the dwelling below, using a sound meter.

3. Reverberation Time

This is the time taken for sound to decay. It is used in the calculation for both airborne and impact tests.

What needs to be done before
the Test is carried out?

Refer to our Sound Tightness Checklist for the full details

What is the results procedure?

Results can usually be given verbally on the day, followed up by a full report within 5-7 working days of the test. Reports are usually emailed and you then forward a copy to your Building Control officer.

If the test fails, the engineer may advise on potential areas of failure. Remedial works can then be carried out by the developer/builder, and a re-test arranged. This will incur an additional cost.

Advice on design to minimise the risk of failure can be given upon request.

How Much Testing is Required?

Approved Document E 2003 for England and Wales, states that 1 set of tests is required for every 10 units in a group or sub-group.
A group or sub-group is defined where significant differences in construction or layout occur. Plots may be selected by Building control or advised by the architect, builder or tester.


2 Airborne Sound Insulation Tests of a separating wall. Detached dwellings do not have to be tested.


2 Airborne Sound Insulation Tests of a separating wall, 2 Airborne Sound Insulation Tests of a separating floor, and 2 Impact Sound Transmission Tests on a separating floor.


Rooms in hotels, care homes, schools, student accommodation etc. 1 Airborne Sound Insulation Test of a separating wall, 1 Airborne Sound Insulation Test of a separating floor, and 1 Impact Sound Transmission Test on a separating floor.

Acoustic Consultancy Services

From planning to detailed design and construction stages, we provide acoustic design advice for mixed-use developments, schools, offices, recording studios, theatres and other types of buildings through the use of the cutting edge software and monitoring equipment, years of experience and our ability to liaise with all relevant stakeholders involved in the construction sector.

We are also experts in the design of non-residential buildings which are seeking BREEAM and/or WELL standards.

Room acoustics, building services noise and vibration control, plant noise assessments, supporting planning noise reports.

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We believe in making things easier for our clients by providing a cost effective ‘one stop shop’ for building compliance.


Our approach is to provide an excellent customer experience through efficiency, reliability, knowledge and professionalism.

WW Martin

"We have worked closely with Tom & Kevin on many commercial and residential projects for both SBEM & SAP’s and onsite air and sound test and find their approach practical in meeting our objectives."

David Barker

Red Key Concepts

"We have been delighted with the wide range and highly professional services that SEA Building Compliance have offered to us in a selection of our development projects. Specifically they have provided us with a high quality SAP, SBEM, air and sound testing solutions within our residential and commercial builds and at every stage of the build to ensure that we achieve compliance."

Charley Gremo-Gilham

Kudos Surveying

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent service we and our clients have received from SEA Building Compliance Limited.    We particularly appreciate all the hard work you all put in to meet our sometimes ridiculous deadlines and of course all of the solutions you put forward to assist the projects. This is a tribute to the quality of your team and the services provided, we have    enjoyed working with you all and the opportunity that has presented to use your    extensive range of professional services to provide solutions to our technical problems.    Once again, thank you and all of the team that have worked on our    projects    and we hope to continue working closely together in the future. "

Matthew Gerlack

BBS Construction Ltd

"We have appointed SEA Building Compliance on several housing and commercial projects and have always found them to be professional and very knowledgeable in building compliance testing, consultation and certification. We have no hesitation in recommending them to others and continue to utilise their expertise on our own developments. "

Matt Brickland
Managing Surveyor

Ashford Borough Council

"We are proud to have had a long association with S.E.A Building Compliance Ltd who we use for thermal calculations as well as sound and air testing. This supplements the building consultancy and building regulation services we offer making a much more complete ‘one stop shop’ for our clients. As such S.E.A are considered to be part of our team. We find the service to be extremely professional and approachable and at a value that results in no need for us to look elsewhere."

David Harrison
Building Control & Quality Place Making Manager

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